A Brief History of My Version of The League

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A Brief History of My Version of The League

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 01, 2016 12:57 pm

Founded in the 17th Century by a French Duke Sorceror named Prospero at the behest of the Faerie Queen Gloriana, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has disbanded and reformed several times over the ages. Sometimes members have had the fortune, or misfortune, to attend multiple teams as time as gone on. Some members have given their lives for the duties this group has put upon them, but make no mistake, their life was spent saving the world from great peril.

Most iterations of the team have been primarily British in origin, but with their success grew variations from other nationalities. France introduced Les Hommes Mysterieux (The Mysterious Men), and Germany countered with Die Zwielicht-Helden (The Twilight Heroes). Both groups were comparitively short-lived.

Come the 20th Century, the United States launched a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen led by Angus MacGyver. Successful in their mission, the LoEG was tabled for nearly a decade before being reactivated as an investigative group lead by FBI Special Agent Dana Scully. After a second success in the field, the group (now known as The League of Extraordinary People) was set for being moth-balled yet again by the American government. It was then, in the year 2000, that the famous Dr. Buckaroo Banzai assumed control of the LoEP and turned it into an institute for men and women of a certain caliber to come together for the betterment of mankind, and in times of crisis, its survival. Dr. Banzai rebranded the group as simply The League and made it clear this group would no longer be split by national borders and would welcome all those who would share in its mission statement.

The League was only under the direction of Dr. Banzai for 3 years before an accident in his lab occurred, pulling him and the majority of his Hong Kong Cavaliers into a space-time rift. No contact has been made with anyone from his group since.

Currently operating as a non-profit laboratory and think tank for some of the worlds greatest scientists, engineers, and diplomats, The League Institute houses a rotating roster of those who would seek to do good for the world.

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