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Post by Admin on Wed Mar 23, 2016 11:52 pm

We are an extremely odd gaming group. I've come to that conclusion based on discussions I've had with gamers not in our circle (former co-workers, peeps at Archon), and seeing how people describe their gaming experience on forums (Reddit's RPG and D&D subreddits specifically). Before I say why we are odd, I would like to run down a list of what I consider our gaming crew.

Myself, Jay, Frank & Crystal, Tom & Rachele, Scott & Ronnie, Jason, Steve. That's the core group. Nancy & Mel have played Greyhawk, but I've never seen them express any interest in any other game. I've played alongside Rae in one game so far. So with everyone included that's 13 people. So here's why we're odd: 5 are women. That's well above average considering the gaming demographic. But more to the point of this post is that 7 of us have GM experience. Some groups I've read about are lucky if they have two. 7 out of 10 in the core group, and that's not including the fact that Ronnie ran Stargate for a brief period of time, and Steve I'm pretty sure has run things just nothing I know of. That's a lot of cooks in the kitchen as they say. And it's created some amazing things: we've been able to do a round-robin GM game in both Exalted and Shadowrun. But it also leads us to butt heads a bit because everyone is rules savvy and people have different directorial ideas. One person would call for certain rolls at certain times, another would expect different outcomes in a given situation.

In the end however, this odd group gives us a myriad of opportunity to play or run as our feeling desires. We will nearly always have people willing to play, and when we need a break from behind the GM screen there is almost always someone else willing to step in to run something else. So the point of this post is really to dig into what we want as players, and what games do we all have on the back burner of our brains that we want to run.

As an example, I've been wanting to run this League game for a while now. It's an idea that sparked into my mind on a whim and almost immediately developed a small thread of a plot line that I've been hammering out ever since.

I've also been supremely interested in running or playing in a game set in the Avatar: Last Airbender world, but I've yet seen a system set up to hold it. I have ideas on how to cobble it together, but I've never sat down and actually done the legwork.

I've currently got a game I'm running on hold that is an Exalted game set in the modern era.

I love the Aberrant system and always want to play it. As of yet, I've never played more than 3 sessions of any Aberrant game and it saddens me deeply.

I've had also wanted to play a game set in an X-Crawl world (for those uninitiated, X-Crawl is a modern world with fantasy elements that has made dungeon crawling a spectator sport.)

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